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Motorsport Ferrari photographs – F40 with stickers

Even a ferrari F40 can look cool with some motorsport stickers. As all Ferraris come in red (with a few exeptions now) they can all look a bit similiar. This probably has to rate as the fastest car we have featured. It is currently retired from its racing life and spending time relaxing and convalescing in the Beaulie Motor Museum in Hampshire, England.

The beauty of stickers – especially vinyl ones is  that they can be easily peeled off and changed allowing you to completely update the look of your car.

Pristine RS200 with stickers


A great example of the rare group B RS200 in a graduated blue color with a geometric pattern. The rear spoiler was built into the bodywork and the roof held a pod which contained “ears” to feed cold air to the intercooler. This example is thankfully quite original right down to the Alloy wheels. The rear windows have vents to enhance engine cooling. Continue reading Pristine RS200 with stickers

Ford Mustang Bodykit in the style of Eleanore.

The Ford Mustang is THE definitive classic american Muscle car, ever since Eleanore appeared in Gone in 60 seconds we have seen many copies and replicas of this car. This Mustang has been fitted with some stunning styling parts from Cervinis, a high quality aftermarket car styling supplier. Continue reading Ford Mustang Bodykit in the style of Eleanore.