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Fast Furious 2 stickers on Mitsubishi Evo

This is a replica of the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution driven by Paul Walker in the Fast and Furious 2. The photos in this post show the rear spoiler and stickers used. The stickers were layered with each colour/silver surface added. This is cheaper to print than a full colour sticker and allows a little creativity when applying it to the car. I was always told that you should never wear blue and green but the styling on this Evo shows that with the right shades and proportions you can get away with it. The squares over each door are actually a mirrored finish and reflect details around them. The effect looks brilliant at night with neons glowing as well.

The rear Evolution badge has been replaced with a sticker in mirrored silver finish and some nice 6 spoke alloy wheels finish of the Fast and Furious 2 Green Evolution look.

Sponsor stickers have been added to the side skirt but in the same blue colour used elsewhere on the car so it doesn’t stand out or distract too much. Tomorrow we will take a closer look at the front of this car and examine the bonnet vents and front bumper details.

4 thoughts on “Fast Furious 2 stickers on Mitsubishi Evo

  1. Really nice Car , Where did you buy your bodykit ? And the Spoiler ? I will buy a Evo 7 this year to create the same car like Paul Walker

  2. hello there my name is kev i live in england and would love to no wot the body kit is called on the evo 7 cos i am a evo owner and want this body kit for mine thanks alot for your time and um lookin forward to hearing from you

  3. I know the details to make the real deal.
    The body is the Dream (D.A.M.D.) body kit, and for the shoes 18-inch Motegi Racing wheels.
    I go to buy a normal lancer and make a real copy of it.

  4. Do you know where I can I find the stickers I’m gettin my permeates next year and lookin for a car I’m gettin the Evo 7 I wanna do a replica of the 2fast Evo to represent paul walker

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