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Honda S2000 carbon fibre bodykit


The S2000 is one of Hondas greatest cars. The 2000cc engine sets a new benchmark in NASP egnine tuning for production cars. The s2000 is as far as 2 seater cars go, very well put together and probably one of the most reliable sports coupes around. It certainly rates as one of my most fun NASP cars to drive and it predictable but a little tail happy at times.

We haven’t seen many modified examples of the S2000 yet with most owners prefering to keep the car looking standard so we must applaud the efforts of this owner to buck that trend and do something different with his.

The front end of the car has been given the carbon fibre treatment. Personally I think this makes this car look a bit patchy and would prefer to see all or nothing when it comes to carbon fibre bodykits but we met loads of people who raved about this car.

Details include 5 spoke S2000 alloy wheels, front splitters, star stickers which look good against the red paint and the now obligitary tuner tatoo’s along the sill.


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