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Skyline RB26 engine bay styling.

The RB26 is an impressive engine. This owner has matched the components and engine covers using some engine styling parts and a little creativity.

The Blue has been subtly done with the interior of the engine bay done in blue. Many of the rest of the parts have been left metallic grey and although they look nice it would be all the more impressive if they were highly polished.

You can’t really ignore the engine bay in a Skyline as it is the engines and power figures that people are most interested in.

If you are into the RB26 engine then we strongly recommend you read this tuning guide to the RB26 on TorqueCars.

One thought on “Skyline RB26 engine bay styling.

  1. Thats what my 26 looks like metellic blue covers and blue intake manifold its in my silver 4 door r32 looks great!

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