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Ford Mustang Bodykit in the style of Eleanore.

The Ford Mustang is THE definitive classic american Muscle car, ever since Eleanore appeared in Gone in 60 seconds we have seen many copies and replicas of this car. This Mustang has been fitted with some stunning styling parts from Cervinis, a high quality aftermarket car styling supplier. The car has an Eleanore paint job in grey with 2 black stripes running the length of the car. The custom front bumper houses a wide array of lights and vents. The side of the car also benefits from the Cervinis treatment with some great skirts and other subtle details. We particularly like the alloy wheels fitted to this stunning Mustang and it shows that a well thought out theme cannot fail to impress.

It’s not as if the engine bay is small but we have here the essential muscle car bulge in the hood giving extra room to fit a top mounter supercharger or a larger engine. The car combines the best of modern styling with the finest retro theme we can imagine.

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