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Pristine RS200 with stickers


A great example of the rare group B RS200 in a graduated blue color with a geometric pattern. The rear spoiler was built into the bodywork and the roof held a pod which contained “ears” to feed cold air to the intercooler. This example is thankfully quite original right down to the Alloy wheels. The rear windows have vents to enhance engine cooling. The body was made from fibreglass and plastic designed by Ghia but built by Reliant. The Ford RS200 was produced to enable Ford to compete in the Group B rally. They needed to produce 200 legal road going versions of the car to meet FIA regulations. Sadly the Group B rally class was axed and a recession hit the UK resulting in some very cheap RS200’s. 

The bodywork is in 3 easy access areas, front, rear and middle with both the front and rear sections that lift up to provide easy access to the engine, drive-train, cooling and suspension components.

Unusually the car has a mid mounted engine and a front mounted transmission giving near perfect weight distribution. The car hits 60mph in 2-2.8 seconds (Evo models only of which there were around 24 made, the standard cars 0-60 time was around 5 seconds) and covers the quarter mile strip in 11.4 seconds so its not just a question of looks this car really does perform.

1 thought on “Pristine RS200 with stickers

  1. Just a few corrections for you .

    1: Only the evos did a sub 3 second time to 60 mph . There were only 24 evos made. The others where more like 5 seconds.

    2: There are no brake lights in the roof section, only intercooler ” ears “

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