Welcome to Car styling tips

Welcome to Car styling tips. If it is a car and has something to do with styling then it will probably end up featured somewhere among our pages.

We hope you enjoy the site, whether you are cynical and want to sneer or you are looking for ideas and inspiration for your project we are sure to have something to keep your attention.

Tastes vary widely, some deliberately buck the trends (see antistyle) and others embrace the very best and cutting edge car styling with body mods including bodykits, radical door conversions and all manner of exterior car styling.

Follow the latest car styling trends!

SupercarsWe try to cover every genre of car styling with topics as diverse as the all time classic cars and  Vintage cars. We even have plenty of  supercars and have ranked our car features according to their rank , so see our Top 1000Top500  and the very best of the best in Top 250.  We also started a Drift category for cars which feature styling and mods typical of drift cars.

Subtle styling modifications.

Muscle carsStyling to some can mean doing mods that are hidden from view. Typically this would include engine  mods and the install of a fantastic ICE setup or quite simply some impressive interior mods.

The most popular styling mods done to most cars are usually the exhaust and wheels with many looking to improve the look of their OEM lights or adding some in your face undercar neons or covering the car with stickers.

Impressive mods include some spectacular paint effects and custom sprayed art. We also see a fair few in car gadgets of every shape and size.

Because car styling is so subjective we look at the amount of work, imagination and effort that has gone into each project and ignore the base car used.

If car tuning is your thing then head over to our friends at Torque Cars, they have an awesome site that details just about every imaginable power modification for your car.

Comments on our featured cars are welcome, as long as they are constructive and do not contain expletives! Please also use the star ratings, as this helps us to decide which genres and categories of car styling to focus on in the future.