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Subaru Impreza Bodykit and rear spoiler


How is this for a stunning bodykit on the Subaru Impreza? The canary yellow looks so right on this car, on other cars it would just seem to be wrong! The rear spoiler, unlike on many cars, looks in proportion and adds a lot to the look and feel of the car. These pics were taken at the TorqueCars Kent car show at the Hop Farm and this car, unsurprisingly was a trophy winner.

The front spoiler incorporates a front splitter. You will also note that this Impreza front bumper has a wide opening to allow the front mounted intercooler to get lots of cool air. Combine this with the sweeping lines and vents and the addition of some Oneill Stickers and you have a really stunning looking impreza.


The rear wing is mounted on teh boot lid and this photo also shows the roof mounted spoiler. A simple 3 lens rear light cluster helps to complete this rather stunning Subaru Impreza bodykit and of course the stickers have been added to the rear. This car looks stunning and the engine sounds absolutely amazing, the flat boxer sound through a large exhaust is enough to convert the most die hard diesel fan.

The white wheels look so right, probably because of the white stickers and this phot shows the wider arches and side skirts on this impressive bodykit.

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