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Mustang leather re upholstered seats.


The seats in a car are typically very boring. These Mustang re upholstered seats show that this needn’t be the case at all. A set of re trimmed car seats can dramatically alter your cars appearance.

Car manufacturers play it safe and go with timeless colours, if you call blacks and greys colours. When building for the mass market they have to hedge their bets and come up with a hard wearing easy to keep upholstery option.

This Mustang owner clearly doesn’t use his car much as white leather is really hard to keep clean. Alternatively maybe he spends his weekend cleaning them and doesn’t have much of a social life! I have to hand it to him – they really do fit the bill. The orange inserts, although not to every ones taste are striking and compliment the overall orange colour scheme.

 With a little time and skill you can achieve this look yourself although thick fabrics tend to be more forgiving and leather is hard to work with if you do not have the tools. We would strongly recommend that you seek professional help as the finish will reflect the price you have paid.

1 thought on “Mustang leather re upholstered seats.

  1. Wow!

    This is a hot interior. As Paris would say “loves it.”

    If the white part is vinyl, the maintaince wouldn’t be too bad.

    If leather – it better be a show car (vs daily driver).

    Nice one!

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