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Gold leaf on a DB7 Bond edition

We promised some more pictures of the 0.5 £million DB7 and here it is. The photos show all the other angles of the car. The Diamonds are actually inset above the Aston Martin Logo on the front and we will try and bring some detailed shots of this later on. The 24.5 carat plate has been fixed to the car and would have taken hours to finish. To protect the gold leaf there is a very thick lacquer coating over it. As the front of the car and lower areas get stone chips and other damage they have elected to use platinum plating which is more durable and it actually looks cool in the two colours.

The gold leaf was flattened by hand into square sheets between pieces of parchment and this gives a parchment look and feel to the finished leaf. It also seems to make it duller than you would expect of such pure gold but you need to remember that gold is typically highly polished and smoothed but this one has been left giving it an almost matt finish with an awesome glow.

The front looks good but you really get to admire the subtle lines of the DB7 from the rear. This James bond celebration edition of the DB7 boasts gold leaf, Platinum leaf and 7 diamonds making this one of the most expensive DB7s in the world. Most owners just specify air con and sat nav!

The DB7 really does have lovely lines and I’m really not sure it takes some diamond and gold plating to enhance it.

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  1. I absolutely love this vehicle. I live in the US and was not very knowledgable about the Astin Martin except in the Bond movies . I saw a British Footballer on BBC tv speaking of all the British footballers driving Lincoln Navigators and such but that he drove a DB7 as well. I looked it up and I love it. It just may be my next favorite car.

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