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Drift Nissan Skyline

Today we feature another of the amazing drift cars from GDA sports cars.

This Nissan Skyline styling has quite a few elements we can seek inspiration from.

The lower portion of the car has been kept black, the base colour of white has been enhanced with the addition of a few stickers from sponsors and part makers.

The rear boot and bonnet vent are finished in black, mating nicely to the lower part of the car.

Alloy wheels in any colour other than black would have just looked wrong. I suspect that this car is actually powered by an S15 engine rather than the skyline block you would expect.

Tuning guides to common Nissan Skyline engines

We are seeing some great engine swaps and tuning options for the Skyline, with lots of upgrade paths and conversions thanks to the popularity and solidity of these great engines.

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