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Jaguar XK100 in black with gold racing stripes


We have always been big fans of the sporty Jaguars and the XK100 is certainly no exception. In standard form it has really nice curves and is very pleasing to the eye. This special edition XK100 is finished in black with 2 vertical racing stripes in gold running the length of the car. Continue reading Jaguar XK100 in black with gold racing stripes

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Jaguar with Bond Gadgets

When ordering your new Jaguar XK make sure you tick all of the option boxes. Aircon, leather seats, cruise control, missile launchers and automatic tracking top mounted machine gun. Its just a shame you can only get this one in green.

Traffic problems will be a thing of the past if you had one of these. Currently in Beaulie Motor Museum in Hampshire you can see the collection of old bond cars.