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Gold plated Aston Martin DB7

If you want people to know you have money then some wear lots of gold. Other buy flash cars like the Aston Martin DB7. Why not combine both and have a gold plated Aston martin? Expect more pictures of this half a million £ car this week. For now we shall be content with these detail pics which show the craftsmanship around the front wing and side vent. Continue reading Gold plated Aston Martin DB7

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Aston Martin styling DB5 to DBS Vantage

It is interesting to look at the evolution of a brand. In this case we see a pristine example of a DB5 and compare this to a cutting edge DBS Volante. The similarities are still there for all to see, some car makers have pretty much rebranded their whole image but Aston Martin have managed to retain some of their original formula in the modern models. Continue reading Aston Martin styling DB5 to DBS Vantage