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Saxo interior styling.

This saxo interior is probably one of the most radical we have ever seen. The driver now sits in the middle. An organic “alien” paint job completes this positively space age makover. The car is fully functional and has an awesome ICE install. Check out the 6 screens in front of the driver and there are more speakers than the average Microsoft conference!

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Snakeskin Saxo with suicide doors

snakeskin saxo
A snakeskin saxo with suicide doors and pretty crazy styling. This car has won many awards and was popular on the UK show scene from 2005-2007.

A veilside bodykit has been modified to fit and then overlayed with green and snakeskin Vinyl. The interior boasts an X-Box and enough a Nitrous purge kit.

The car rides on hydraulics and is height adjustable. Owned by D-Boy from X2-c and styled by exquisite automotive this remains one of the most original and complete transformations of a car we have seen and earns a place in the carstylingtips.com hall of fame. For more information on this we suggest you read this article on suicide doors.