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Gold plated Aston Martin DB7

If you want people to know you have money then some wear lots of gold. Other buy flash cars like the Aston Martin DB7. Why not combine both and have a gold plated Aston martin? Expect more pictures of this half a million £ car this week. For now we shall be content with these detail pics which show the craftsmanship around the front wing and side vent. Continue reading Gold plated Aston Martin DB7

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Pristine RS200 with stickers


A great example of the rare group B RS200 in a graduated blue color with a geometric pattern. The rear spoiler was built into the bodywork and the roof held a pod which contained “ears” to feed cold air to the intercooler. This example is thankfully quite original right down to the Alloy wheels. The rear windows have vents to enhance engine cooling. Continue reading Pristine RS200 with stickers

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Wide arch quad exhaust show car

We know that people can get a bit carried away when creating a show car and this owner fits the profile perfectly. Quad exhausts, a massive ICE install wide arches and retrimmed interior are just the highlights of this project. This photo shows a custom car which appears to be based on the Saxo or 106 platform but we would be grateful if someone knows what this car is and if there is anything interesting under the bonnet. Continue reading Wide arch quad exhaust show car

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Camel Baja Bug tuning project

The Dub scene has been around for so long and we found this stunning baja bug at a show recently.

According to the guys over at the Car Tuning Guide, this one packs a mean punch and delivers a suitable amount of torque to make rapid progress over dunes, banks and any other obstacles.


We love the flared arches, chunky tyres and the whole stance of this car, it certainly wouldn’t look out of place in any off road setting but really stands out in the local department store car park.