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Wide arch quad exhaust show car

We know that people can get a bit carried away when creating a show car and this owner fits the profile perfectly. Quad exhausts, a massive ICE install wide arches and retrimmed interior are just the highlights of this project. This photo shows a custom car which appears to be based on the Saxo or 106 platform but we would be grateful if someone knows what this car is and if there is anything interesting under the bonnet. With the rear hatch open you can make out the nicely installed read ICE install, the interior trim is up to a high standard also with a custom dash, steering wheel and door cars trimmed in white. The rear lights have been removed and replaced with lights mounted in the surface of the rear hatch. Add in a set of tasteful alloy wheels and flared arches and you have all the ingredients for a show car. The colour of this car is certainly an interesting choice and make a change from the bright and solid colours we have come to accept.

2 thoughts on “Wide arch quad exhaust show car

  1. i no the owner, and hes part of if you want to know more…
    pretty sure the engine was turbo’d at one point and the car has changed slighty from this

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