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Vauxhall Astra bodykit

As far as car conversions go this has to be one of the most complete. The original identity of this car has caused a lot of debate but we are pretty convinced it is an Astra. The one piece quad headlight conversion with black background looks good.

The mirrors  take a style cue from motorports with aerodynamic vents. Add to this the wide flared arches and front splitter you have the makings of a show car. The Nissan grill has been replaced with an aftermarket debadged one and the bonnet has had a slight nose extension at the front. The car is finished off with some nice and shiny chrome alloys making this a good show car.

We’ve had feedback claiming this car is an Astra, Sunny, Almera and Primera so far! If you know for certain what this car is then please let us know. Our first bet was Astra then we were persuaded into changing this to an Almera but still we get more feedback and have concluded that our original gut feeling was right all along. Feel free to discuss this further below!

5 thoughts on “Vauxhall Astra bodykit

  1. Excactly!where can i find styling parts for Nissan p11?i’m looking for rear lip spoiler,chrome or mr wing mirror,window tint and chrome strips for Nissan Primera p11(96/99 model).Do you have any of these items?Can you suggest a light and simple tuning i can do on my car?I like the elegant and simple tuning/styling.349-5234709

  2. is the above SHOW CAR not infact a sunny cant quite see any rear quarter lights, your search result lists a primera roll cage where!

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