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Honda CRX del sol styling

Rather than look at individual cars we thought we would look at a selection of the same models. Today we have chosen the often overlooked Del Sol Civic, the impressive successor to the stunning CRX. Standard styling from Honda is pretty good with a neat shape, Targa pop out roof and spoiler. However a lot of owners have made some additional modifications ranging from subtle bodykits and styling parts to the frankly over the top. Thankfully most of todays featured cars show good taste and we have a selection of colours to choose from. Blue is probably the easiest colour to resell and green the hardest but the Orange Del Sol really does stand out in this company especially with the larger rear spoiler and other touches. It is also nice to see a variety of alloy wheels and our favourites of this little bunch have to be the black wheels, although all three owners show great taste in alloys.

Orange paint, blacked out wheels and custom bodykit with skirts are not for the shy and retiring but show how far you can push the Del Sol styling without going silly.

Nice alloys and exhaust on this model but the ride height is a little too high. Lowering this by 35mm will really improve the stance of the car.

1 thought on “Honda CRX del sol styling

  1. Blue color Honda looks cool 🙂
    I have a questions, hope to get an answer from you, I believe your professional with del sol car. I have del sol 1994 esi 1590 and want to put new wheels, I have original size 14″ and what max size i can put on with any changes to the car. and that new ones wont damage suspension or anything else. I would like to hear your advise. Thanks in advance.


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