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Gold plated Aston Martin DB7

If you want people to know you have money then some wear lots of gold. Other buy flash cars like the Aston Martin DB7. Why not combine both and have a gold plated Aston martin? Expect more pictures of this half a million £ car this week. For now we shall be content with these detail pics which show the craftsmanship around the front wing and side vent. Firstly it would be impossible to make a car from Gold. Gold is too soft and heavy to be viable so the only option is to apply thin layers of gold leaf to the body of the car. Interesting the Egyptians used to modify their chariots with a bit of gold plating so this is older than the art of spray painting. The lower portions of the car are subject to greater wear and have been covered with Palladium (platinum leaves). The gold will not tarnish as it is 23.5 carat leaves and is covered with a deep layer of lacquer. In reality the car contains less than 1 pound of gold so is comparable in weight to a typical application of paint. If I had this car I would be paranoid when it comes to taking it out anywhere – imagine the repair bill if it got scratched. The car is also decorated with 7 real 57 facet diamonds.

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