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Plymouth styling, wheels and bonnet vents

Big and beutiful are not usually the words used to describe the plymouth but this owner is getting close. Keeping the nice cleann lines of the original he has added a vinyl roof cover, some bonnet vents and black alloy wheels. Large rear wheels always look good on the Plymouth sports satellite – one owner in the UK turned his into a General Lee look a like  – he calls it the near lee because it was based on the wrong car but he pulled it off nicely.

Some closer shots showing the bonent vents, and the stunning engine bay. Good use has been made of chrome and the air intake is a work of art. (It takes a fair bit of cleaning to keep an engine bay this tidy.) The best thing about this car is something you have to listen too – the lazy V8 burble draws lots of attention in the UK where these cars are very rare indeed.

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