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The top 1000 cool cars

Gold plated Aston Martin DB7

If you want people to know you have money then some wear lots of gold. Other buy flash cars like the Aston Martin DB7. Why not combine both and have a gold plated Aston martin? Expect more pictures of this half a million £ car this week. For now we shall be content with these detail pics which show the craftsmanship around the front wing and side vent. Continue reading Gold plated Aston Martin DB7

Pristine RS200 with stickers


A great example of the rare group B RS200 in a graduated blue color with a geometric pattern. The rear spoiler was built into the bodywork and the roof held a pod which contained “ears” to feed cold air to the intercooler. This example is thankfully quite original right down to the Alloy wheels. The rear windows have vents to enhance engine cooling. Continue reading Pristine RS200 with stickers

The stunning German Built Roadster (GBR)

This is the stunning GBR – the German built roadster. It really does show that car companies can turn out models with a very high standard of finish with traditional craftsmen rather than robots. This German Built Roadster has plenty to offer the keen driver and really is a stunning style statement literally giving the best of both worlds. Continue reading The stunning German Built Roadster (GBR)

Jacked up classic mini

So you like minis especially the classic mini from the first Italian job movie era. The only trouble is that with all the SUVs and offroaders you feel a bit small and lost in traffic. Also the freak weather patterns and appaling state of the roads is really putting you off owning one.

Never fear there is now an SUV version of the Mini if you are prepared to put the work in and climb up into the cabin. The amazing thing is that the handling characteristics of the original is retained. Fuel economy suffers a little but that is a small price to pay to be able to see the road ahead clearly.