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Awesome Fiat Punto split opening bonnet

Who says that bonnets have to be hinged at the front or back. This enterprising Fiat Punto owner has taken an angle grinder to his bonnet to produce a really cool split opening bonnet.

The lower part of the bonnet has been further customised and smoothed with details that drop over the lights. It took a fair bit of work to get this to work but the bravery of this modder really does pay off. The opening action is smooth and progressive with one side lifting then the other side flips up and all on the press of a release inside the car. Beacause this is such an amazing car we have uploaded a gallery and will be sure to feature it again for its stunning spray art paint job (again done by the owner on a DIY at home basis!)

The car has been finished off with a cool bodykit and roof spoiler and a nice set of alloy wheels have also been added.

5 thoughts on “Awesome Fiat Punto split opening bonnet

  1. this car is my mates car he doesnt own it any more but all the art work and modds were his own work he has a amazing talent he has got another car now and has done aload more cars since then and they all look amazing he has got his own garage now called unseen projects in ramsgate if u want to c more we have photos and we will be at modded in 09 if it happens mail me back if u want to no more

    jon dodd
    aka huggy bear
    unseen projects

  2. where abouts is the garage in ramsgate mate? im from margate & planning on moddin my punto just want some ideas

  3. does this bonnet open anymore, and would it be bossible for a hydrolic arm to lift using a touch sensor on the keys?

  4. this car has now been crushed by howards car spares on haylin island lol and i now have the wheels hahaha

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