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Yaris Bodykit and custom paint

This is one very cool and extremely pink Yaris. It boasts a full bodykit, custom paint which includes an Anime style mermaid design and interior modifications.

As if this wasn’t enough the front lights have had a pink surround added by way of a custom light upgrade and the doors have been fitted with an ultra smooth Lambo door lift kit. The twin exhausts peering out from the rear bumper like an SAS Soldier peering through some binoculars. The bumper is filled with chrome inserts and a show number plate finishes off this awesome Yaris.

14 thoughts on “Yaris Bodykit and custom paint

  1. i loveee this color. i want to have my camry this pink. please help mee with some info and where and how much to get it done!

  2. hi this is my yaris 🙂 if your interested in the colour i have 5 litres of it for sale, just contact me by email.

  3. hi i currently am looking for a nice pink color for my car what kind of pink is that and where did you get it from?

  4. Hi Suki,

    I have got a mk2 yaris and am trying to customize the dash. Just wondered if you had any tips on changing the clock and getting rid of the original cd player?

  5. Hi Suki! I loveee your car! 5 stars! I was wondering if you could tell me the name of this pink color. Please let me know! I would truly appreciate it ^_^

  6. Hi, if you stil have the paint for sale then let me know as looking for some the colour. chers

  7. hey Suki…. awesome car. I just recently sprayed my mags a similar pink with stars running down from the boot to just before my front doors. What’s done to the engine?

  8. i love it xoxoxo pink is my color for some reasen but i love it i bet every girl is wanting to get this car really on the way

  9. Hi
    I am about to paint my vw beetle in pink and was wondering if you could please tell me the colour of this Yaris it looks so good well done on styling it!Top job.


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