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Chopped beetle cabriolet

We have seen a lot of cool modified beetles. None quite like this one though. It has a chopped, classic street look but the roof is a cabriolet. Driving this in the summer to the beach must be one of the best experiences ever! The 2 tone paint job sets it off nicely. With some Beetles we see large rear wheels mated to smaller fronts, this owner has kept the 2 the same size. You will also notice that the arches have been subtly reshaped adn the chrome has been removed and colour coded. Its ncie to see something so refreshingly original on the show circuit.

2 thoughts on “Chopped beetle cabriolet

  1. Ahem, I just happen to be the owner of the Kabster so a few details. Built in 1993 (!) and still in the same paint, it runs a 2165cc stroker flat 4 with enough poke to scare the bejesus out of any passengers. Built by The Paintbox, one of the most prolific VW Custom houses on the globe, this was originally my daily driver. Roof is a chopped carson top; one piece aluminum skinned with mohair finish. An “optomistic” car with no side windows or heaters, it’s now summer use only! Bernard Newbury built the roof and styled the interior and it picked up many trophies in the mid 90’s. Still occassionally visbile at shows, notably Buglovin and a member of, it still has the ability to turn heads and put a smile on people’s faces. For the record, the front Porche Fuch alloys are 14″ with the rears at 15″. Enjoy – I do!

  2. Mark you tart 🙂 I did enjoy driving the Kabster at Bug Lovin the other year…hope the carbs are sorted now.

    Check out for more cars of this era and if your interested in Back to 89 you’re more than welcome to contact me.



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