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The stunning German Built Roadster (GBR)

This is the stunning GBR – the German built roadster. It really does show that car companies can turn out models with a very high standard of finish with traditional craftsmen rather than robots. This German Built Roadster has plenty to offer the keen driver and really is a stunning style statement literally giving the best of both worlds. The styling looks positively plush with its red and black leather interior, a dash of chrome and awesome lambo style doors. We have more pictures of this car which we will publish later on but for now we shall content ourselves with the playful aggressive front, and the interior styling details. There are 2 version available both based around a 24  valve 3.2 V6 engine, the turbo produces a staggering 355hp and 485nm of Torque and even the NASP version provides the driver with a satisfying 255hp and 330nm of Torque to play with.

The interior is finished to a high standard and reminds the driver that he or she is in something rather exclusive indeed! German build quality and stunning styling make this car stand out from the crowd. We have high hopes for GBR if their inaugaral model is anything to go by.

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