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Skyline styling carbon fibre bonnet

The Nissan Skyline is a legend in its own right. The picture above shows the cool alloy wheels and custom front bumper. A cold air intake has been added to maximise the power delivery. There has also been a front light conversion which look great against the white bodywork.This proud owner has lavished much attention on his we suspect this is an R33 1996 model (although the back arch doesn’t seem right for this) if you know exactly which model this is let us know in the feedback area below.

These next 2 photos show the stunning Nissan Skyline Carbon fibre bonnets with vents near the front to take heat away from the radiator and intercooler.

This angle shows off the bodykit to full effect with the low stance making the car look agressive. We would suggest some spacers to just pull the wheels out of the arches and in line with the bodywork. All in this is certainly an impressive looking car.

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  1. Hey really nice bonnet , what make r those wheels i have them but were on car when i bought them cheers doc

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