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Door Conversion styles

Lambo doors open upwards in  a scissor style. Again these can be difficult to close from seated unless you have a strap fitted to the inside of the door card. (These cars have all been featured on The other types of door conversion are butterfly lambo, suicide, and gullwing – see the pictures below.
Butterfly lambo doors. These open upwards and also outwards in a similar way to the wing of a butterfly would move. As these do not open so high they are easier to live with but people are often confused by the hinge mechanism and will try to open the door against the hinges.snakeskin-saxo.jpg
Suicide doors were popularised by the RX8 but we are starting to see them on show cars. This Saxo has reverse hinged doors to create a suicide door style.gulllwing-doors.jpg
Gullwing doors, with the hinge on the roof. Plenty of clearance on both sides of the car as they open but it can be awkward to close the doors from a seated position.

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