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306 with Lambo doors.

Fitting lambo doors really makes a car stand out.  These Peugeot 306 Lambo doors open up and out to give the best compromise  between form and function. The  doors have a smooth movement unlike many of the cheap and nasty lambo door kits available which you will end up having to replace in a very short time. There is no substitution for a professionally fitted lambo door kit. A resray following removal and cutting of the inner wing is required restricting this job to the strictly competent diy or professional.


Rear view of a Peugeot 306 with lambo doors. (Lambo doors get their name from Lamborghini who pioneered this style of door in their sports cars. They are sometime referred to as scissor doors.

3 thoughts on “306 with Lambo doors.

  1. shit man how much it cost u to do all of that i want to do it to my car i plan on gettin a 306 n kittin it up

  2. Hi there nice work. but i need sume help i want to fit lambo doors on my golf mk1 1990 i have custom build the body,bumpers,bonnet and grill
    but the problem is that i dont think there is space to fit the lambo door it looks like there is no space and then again i have never seen these lambo door brackets so can u plz give me sume advise plz

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