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Mini One with black alloys painted in Shocking Pink.

We just hope that this Pink Mini One is a Girls car. One way to guarantee that your bloke will not be borrowing your car is to follow this Mini Styling projects colour scheme. This is definately one for the Girl Power brigade.

The paint is a hot pink with a darker tint on the rear windows. The wheels are chrome rims with black centers and these go nicely with the black windows and wing vent. Despite its newness and the classic mini brigades hostility to the new design there are whole communities of new mini owners springing up. Many are finding their way into the show circuit and the array of car styling parts for the mini is rapidly expanding, as if the options offered from new were not enough.

6 thoughts on “Mini One with black alloys painted in Shocking Pink.

  1. my car was vandalised last week and im tryin to decide on new colour to respray it. where did you get this pink? i love it!

  2. Its a Mini Cooper not a Mini One!! And I cant say where the paint was from otherwise everyone will be copying me…I like to be unique! 😉

  3. Hi. I have a mark5 golf and want to get it srayed this colour. Can you please give me a colour code? The colour is class

  4. Can you tell me what wheels these are please 🙂 thnaks!!! Email me preferably as not on the computer much but have email on my phone, Thanks so much! x

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