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Lambo door conversion kits

Why not go for something disctintive and take the Lamborghini lead and convert your doors with a Lambo door conversion kit. We cannot stress enough the importance of getting a good quality kit.

The cheap kits are difficult to fit and will not last, you need a sturdy mechanism with a counter spring/damper to balance the weight of the door. Many doors open outwards to around 45 degrees and vertically upto 90 degrees. Where the doors opens out initially you are spared the effort of refitting the door catches. Remember to leave a grab handle to allow you to close the door from a seated position.

The latest innovation stateside are powered door kits which open and close at the press of a button. You will also need to sacrifice your door card pockets as things will fall out as you open the door.

Most kits require some cutting of the inner wing so be prepared to have a respray to finish off the car when the conversion is done.

2 thoughts on “Lambo door conversion kits

  1. hey! my name is rui and i from in portugal. so my question is… i have peugot 207cc and is possible my car have lambo doors?.. have a nice day

  2. hi im looking for a quality set lambo hinges for my 306 convertable im in south africa

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