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Modified MR2 with front ICE install

We love to see what people do to their cars and this MR2 certainly hasn’t dissapointed us. In a mid engined car you are left with a tiny amount of space under the bonnet. It’s not really big enough for luggage, so the question is what do you do with it? This MR2 owner has used the space for his AMPS which seems to fit very well indeed. The whole car is in very good condition, right down to the engine below.

The Engine has been detailed and fitted with chrome and gold painted parts. The bodywork is a very dark purple with more than a subtle hint of blue and sets the car off nicely.

Fairly deep 5 spoke gold alloy wheels have been fitted and these set the car off very nicely. Having invested so much time and effort on the exterior we note that even the interior has been given the show treatment. 

We love the blue dials, the pillar mounted gauges and the aftermarket MR2 steering wheel. This all adds up to a very special modified MR2 that any owner would be proud of. We are guessing that power in the engine has also been increased but unfortunately we don’t have any stats for this car.

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