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High Quality Lambo Door kits

No self respecting show car owner would dream of leaving the doors on their car standard. The Lambo door conversion kits are becomming popular as seen in this Peugeot and Nissan. You get what you pay for and the cheap kits will often fail or not open smoothly or properly.

The weight of the door needs to be correctly sprung and to do this accurately you should buy a kit specific to your car – there is a massive difference between the weight of doors from different manufacturers. The mechanism sits in the wing and usually requires welding into place and a respray over the cut area. This puts a lambo door conversion out of the reach of the DIY car styling modder.

4 thoughts on “High Quality Lambo Door kits

  1. Were can i get or order these doors from, i’m looking for some for my skyline R34 it’s a 2 door so the doors are pretty long and big, so i’m not even sure if you can put them on this type of car, please email me or somthing if you can help. Thanx.

  2. i know u get lambo dors but was wondering ive got a 4 door car got lambo doors at front and was thinking if theres a way to put suicide lambo doors on the back

  3. Does anyone know of an off the shelf lambo door kit for a 1973 vw beetle wizard convertible.

    Need a set that will require as little work as possible.

  4. Please I have 2004 mazda atenza import version of mazda 6 im after lambo door kit for it can you help ie: price and other details

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