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Mitsubishi FTO Lambo door kits


The lambo doors look absolutely amazing on the FTO. The FTO shape lends itself nicely to the style of a lambo door kit. If you are going to get a lambo door kit for your FTO please ensure it is a high quality one. The cheaper lambo kits are a nightmare to setup, are not usually counterbalanced very well and will often flex and shift requiring further tuning to get the door to close properly without rattling. This FTO also has a stunning paint job with sprayed art done by Kaos from Custom shack in Kent – pop back in a couple of days to see the amazing panther on the bonnet.


1 thought on “Mitsubishi FTO Lambo door kits

  1. i love the lamdo doors am plaining on getting some my self but what type of lambo doors will you recomend as i want the doors to be smooth when they are bein open .

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