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Hummer H3 with lambo doors

Who doubted that you can put lambo doors on anything? This Humer H3 stretched limousine featured last week and this photo gives more detail of the chrome detailing on the front. The chrome H3 grill is a mirror finish and the hood vent panel is also finished to the same levels of sheen. The most notably modification on this Hummer though is the lambo doors. Getting the right kit is always essential and will ensure smooth and fluid operation of the doors as they open. Proper lambo door kits will allow the doors to open outwards as well as up, an essential safety feature should you ever land on the root. (Although with the weight of a H3 we doubt you will easily end up the wrong way up!)

1 thought on “Hummer H3 with lambo doors

  1. This is a crazy thing,hummer h3 with lambo doors.This car is awesome…….but we still need some improvement

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