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Car with spray painted art with a movie theme.

Pirates of the Caribbean spray art on a car door

A good layer of clear coat will seal in an protect the artwork. You need to be careful choosing a theme as fashions come and go and perhaps the transiatary nature of films will mean it dates rather quickly. (Pirates of the Caribbean is destined to be a classic film series thought so this owner may well have got away with it!)

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Gold plated Aston Martin DB7

If you want people to know you have money then some wear lots of gold. Other buy flash cars like the Aston Martin DB7. Why not combine both and have a gold plated Aston martin? Expect more pictures of this half a million £ car this week. For now we shall be content with these detail pics which show the craftsmanship around the front wing and side vent. Continue reading Gold plated Aston Martin DB7

Pristine RS200 with stickers


A great example of the rare group B RS200 in a graduated blue color with a geometric pattern. The rear spoiler was built into the bodywork and the roof held a pod which contained “ears” to feed cold air to the intercooler. This example is thankfully quite original right down to the Alloy wheels. The rear windows have vents to enhance engine cooling. Continue reading Pristine RS200 with stickers