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Renault 5 Turbo bonnet bulge.

Renault 5 turbo bonnet bulgemoddeduk06-waynne-226.jpg

Some cars have it by the bucketload and others need a bit of help from their owners. We are talking style of course.  These photos were actually taken at a show and we found a line of Renault 5 Turbos showing the evolution of the bonnet bulge. The act of adding a huge bulge clearly hints at the possibility of a powerful engine underneath. Continue reading Renault 5 Turbo bonnet bulge.

Camel Baja Bug tuning project

The Dub scene has been around for so long and we found this stunning baja bug at a show recently.

According to the guys over at the Car Tuning Guide, this one packs a mean punch and delivers a suitable amount of torque to make rapid progress over dunes, banks and any other obstacles.


We love the flared arches, chunky tyres and the whole stance of this car, it certainly wouldn’t look out of place in any off road setting but really stands out in the local department store car park.