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Green and black interior styling

It’s good to be different especially when it comes tot eh interior of your car. This owner has gone for a striking green and black colour scheme. The door cards have been retrimmed with black fabric, all interior plastic trims have been given a respray to match the exterior colour of the car. The interior is finished with a black and green trimmed leather seats. We would like to see a nicer steering wheel as the current one pictured looks rather bland and boring but at least the insect like gearknob shows an attention to detail.

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Saxo interior styling.

This saxo interior is probably one of the most radical we have ever seen. The driver now sits in the middle. An organic “alien” paint job completes this positively space age makover. The car is fully functional and has an awesome ICE install. Check out the 6 screens in front of the driver and there are more speakers than the average Microsoft conference!

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Fully loaded White Impreza


What a start to 2008 – this is the snow white of the car world. The Subaru Impreza has a dedicated and loyal following. The flat four boxer engine gives it a distinctive engine note, but what is the point of having what everyone else has when you can mod it like this example. This pure white Impreza has a number of subtle modifications which really do enhance the appearance of the car. Continue reading Fully loaded White Impreza