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Vauxhall corsa Body kit and roof spoiler.

How to make the average looking shopping/family car look mean:-

Spray the car Orange, fit a full bodykit and very conspicuous roof spoiler! For added effect add a bank of 4 chrome silencers poking out the rear (I don’t know why they call them silencers – these are loud! Full Ice install and lowered suspension help to raise this Vauxhall Corsa above the Average and really make it stand out.

Corsa sparkly paint.

This Corsa has a marvellous sparkly paint effect. After the first main colour coat the paint is coated with tiny holographic chips. A very thick clearcoat has been added to the top to seal everything in and protect the paint. As the paint catches the sunlight you get a rainbow sparkly effect! This looks way cool. The fully contoured and scuplted bonnet accentuate the effect and add to the appearance of this great paint job. I know sparkly paint is not to everyones taste but you’ve got to agree it is a real head turner.