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Vauxhall Corsa rear ICE install

This Vauxhall Corsa featured a few weeks ago for it stunning paint. The owner clearly wants the most complete show car around and has spent a bit of time on the ICE install. The ICE components are very neatly mounted.

The rear lights are usually the last thing to be customised and you tend to have very little choice between the Lexus rear lights and smoked rear lights. This proud Corsa owner has managed to track down some very trendy rear lights and these really do finish off the Corsa nicely.

2 thoughts on “Vauxhall Corsa rear ICE install

  1. Hey i absolutly am in love with this boot-build haha and love the paint colour real gives off a good effect.
    I am wondering if you know of any places that do custom boot-builds for Vauxhall Corsa B.
    Thanks Very much. Top Job.

  2. this is my m8 wez corsa and yeah the instal and all the body work was done at sexton’s check them out on the web

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