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Cool coupe body styling in orange

I’m sure you’ll agree that this is a one off show car. The front bumper has been split open to reveal a large intercooler/radiator.  This show car makeover is so complete the origins of the car are completely obscured (Any guesses what this is?).  I would guess that this is an Astra coupe and would appreciate confirmation of this if you know. Then some stylish skirts have been added, and along with the lowering and nice alloys mean that the car sits purposefully on the ground. The side mirrors have to be the smallest I have ever seen on a car!

The rear of the car including the rear light clusters have been sprayed over in the orange paint with a cool grey flash accent added. Now when it comes to rear lights you will find that all cars need them so either this is an unfinished project (which I doubt), the orange paint is translucent allowing the bulbs to show through or the bulbs have been moved down to the gap in the rear bumper (which seems most logical!)

The rear quarter has a couple of vents added which look cool, perhaps this will become an exit for the exhaust or maybe the whole car is just one huge ported speaker? Again the grey accent has been added to the side skirts and rear bumper. You will also notice the locks and handles have been removed.

10 thoughts on “Cool coupe body styling in orange

  1. It’s driving me nuts. I wish I knew. The MK IV Jetta front wing does not have the indicator flowing into it although the squared off edge around the back door is VERY MkIV Jetta. Anyone else out there that can help settle this?

  2. hi, this is def not an astra coupe. astra coupe’s have 2 doors this on has 4 and the boot is not long enough either.
    still have no idea? very well modified tho!

  3. The headlights are mk2 punto’s, from the shape of the rear quarter its a Mk 1 Skoda Octavia, so close with the VAG theme. From the size of the intercooler and brakes probably gonna be a VRS.

  4. It’s a Mk4 Astra Saloon… they didn’t make many of them but the fact it’s 4-doors makes me think it’s the saloon. The saloon is pretty much a hatchback with the back-end of the coupe shoved onto the rear end. Still shares the chassis with the Zafira 😉 JH

  5. Its a skoda octavia VRS i know as im mates with the guy who owns it, still about but been off the road since those pictures have been taken …

  6. its is a skoda octavia vrs like paz said its a mates car in last 2 years its done bout 200 miles but should hopefully be on the show seen this year and as for the holes in the back he has drunk 1 nyt and drilled them out lol also 1 on bonnet 4 the bov /dump valve

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