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Vauxhall corsa Body kit and roof spoiler.

How to make the average looking shopping/family car look mean:-

Spray the car Orange, fit a full bodykit and very conspicuous roof spoiler! For added effect add a bank of 4 chrome silencers poking out the rear (I don’t know why they call them silencers – these are loud! Full Ice install and lowered suspension help to raise this Vauxhall Corsa above the Average and really make it stand out.

15 thoughts on “Vauxhall corsa Body kit and roof spoiler.

  1. Why would you ever spend so much money on makin a crap car look and perform like a hotwheels toy? Spend ya money on a nissan 180sx, or an RX7 or Silvia or somethin and you have to do less for it to be lookin great. Not to forget the car will actually be able to handle the power it puts out the rear wheels.

  2. hey i got a toyota yaris sedan,so got any tip how modify it,i looking for a suitable bodykit for my yaris seda.

  3. Awesome job. I have a corsa & just started styling it. If it gets anywhere near what yours looks like i will be happy. well done mate

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