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Retrimmed – Aftermarket leather Corsa seats

The seats that you get in a car these days usually leaves muc to be desired. The Vauxhall Corsa is no exeption with only the sporty SXi model getting remotly supportive seats.

Aftermarket car seats or getting the exisiting seats retrimmed is the best option. Most aftermarket seats will fit althgough you can only usually buy fronts. Back seats are too unique due to the split folding and different widths around. To get a matching set of nice seats then you have to go out and buy the nice front seats and then get these and your existing rear seats recovered or retrimmed to match.

This owner has gone with a tasteful black and orange leather. A hand stiched leather seat requires a lot of work and can be very expensive so remember this if you want a hand stiched finish.

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