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Wide Corsa Bodykit with alloys and custom paint.

This Corsa is somewhat amazing. Not only does it have a wide bodykit and beautiful alloy wheels but the paint job is simply stunning. It is best described as a walnut effect finish giving the impression of wood from a distance.

A special thanks to Chris Young, the owner of this Corsa who contacted us and told us that the paint effect is called “Crystal FX”, and this is the only car in the UK to have this paint finish. The car took him a year to complete (inside and out) and a further 4 months was spent on the boot build.

One would suspect that a similar effect could be achieved by putting a dark coat on the vehicle and allowing this to dry and then spraying the top coat on but removing it with a scrumpled piece of absorbant paper. Timing is quite critical with a finish like this and we have heard of a car being stripped and redone a couple of times because it wasn’t quite right. Certainly not a DIY job and best left in the hands of the professionals. House of Kolor have quite a few special effect paints suitable for a scrumpling effect.

Don’t forget a generous clear coat to seal it in and allow the car to shine.

5 thoughts on “Wide Corsa Bodykit with alloys and custom paint.

  1. The wheels on that thing are dirt cheap cast monoblock. Ugly, certainly not beautiful and the bodykit is just as hideous. Egg carton springs to mind. The bonnet’s design is seemingly taken from the profile of Lieutenant Commander Worf’s head from Star Trek. Offset on the wheels is all wrong, so the stance is gonna be really goofy.

    Epic fail. Money certainly doesn’t buy you taste.

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