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Extreme Vauxhall styling

This vauxhall has had a make over which retains the standard lines of the car. The Triple headlight conversion kit looks good, very different from the standard lights. The lights go nicely with the chrome, de badged Vauxhall Grill. The car has wider arches achieved, relatively cheaply with an eyebrow and skirts and custom front bumper have also been added. The mirrors look much better than the standard Astra Mirrors with an integrated aero vent to reduce drag. The car has also been fitted with ‘sponsor’ stickers from various part makers down the front door and also a DRIFTWORKS sticker on the windscreen and E.D.C drift championship sticker on the front bumper! We doubt that the parts list on the door reflects parts used in the car.

The low level front splitter looks great and finishes off the car nicely. It has been brought to our attention that neither DRlFTW0RKS or E D C are sponsors of this car, this is simply a drift fans car!

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