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Carbon fibre styling parts on a Subraru Impreza

This impreza has been given a carbon fibre makeover. The bonnet or hood (for those in the US) has been replaced with a carbon fibre vented version. A front splitter and rear wing, also made from carbon fibre continue the theme.The vents help feed cold air into the induction kit which helps with power and the large vent at the top really does improve the airflow under hte bonnet allowing the front mounted intercooler to fully work it’s magic. The car is finished in a really nice blue which seems to be getting popular and the headlights have been swapped out for some stunning aftermarket units. The front bumper is also pretty much all vents and works very well on this Impreza.

The impreza pics below show the rear with a large carbon fibre spoiler and some stunning tinted black rear lenses and an ususual vented rear bumper.

Another shot from the rear of this Impreza.

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