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Sprayed art by Kaos from Custom Shack in Kent

This is the work of Lawrence from Custom Shack based in Kent. His tag is Kaos and he has done complete vehicles, bonnets and items like crash helmets. We met him a few times at a meet at Briely Coachworks in Tonbridge wells, keep an eye on TorqueCars events page in the forum to see when the next meet will be. His work is of a fine standard and you can tell he enjoys what he is doing. Each work of art comes together rather quickly taking around a day for each one. Full cars obviously take longer.

Skull and Kaos custom flame effect paint. Looks great, I was going to say hot but that would be such an awful pun we’ll save that one for to use!;)

Girl with skull and bear shows good use of texture from the snarling mouth to the whiskers on the bear face and anime quality of the girl. You can see this WIP on this youtube video


We will be looking at more of Kaos work next week.

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