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Orange Lambo Clio show car

It has been a pleasure to see the gradual evolution of this stunning Clio from a standard car into the show car it is today. A V6 Clio bodykit was added with much blood and sweat and tears!  Then the car has been resprayed in Orange and trimmed with blue interior.The kit was badly formed and needed a lot of work to get it to match up on both sides. Lambo doors are the crowning mod on this mad motor making it one of the most distinctive show cars around. The bonnet has been extended to create a bad boy look.

The interior has been retrimmed with a blue flock coating and the headlights, rear lights have been converted to finish this great look. Recently the car has had another colour change with a liquid gold yellow pain finish and the alloys have a colour coded accent. I will post up the latest picks as soon as I can – I’m just working through my library in geneological order.

The only suitable exhaust for this kit is the meaty twin pipes the owner has gone for. The rear view shows how much wider the flared arches make the car at the rear.

14 thoughts on “Orange Lambo Clio show car

  1. I really enjoy watching different cars and this one car excites me, because I would love to own a car like that one day.

  2. ive spent alot of time mulling over what car i wud like as my first car but after seeing a few near me and seeing this one i want a bright orange clio badly!!!!!!!!

  3. um, wat alloys come standard on the v6? are they an actual alloy make like team dynamics or are they straight from renaults? could u point me in the direction of where i could get sum for my 182? thanks for ur time and help mate

  4. i is in complet3 love wit tha renault clios dude lyke u dnt even no, n ta c a clio wit lambo scissor doors i waz dumbfounded

  5. awesome mods on this v6, the hinges must need a bit of welding, i doubt that a few bolts would be strong enough, especially with the weight of powerful speaker magnets weighing it down

    does anyone sell those bonnets ready to go? or is it body shop mod only?

  6. very very nicecar, im starting my project with my mk 1 clio by putting 2.0 laguna engine in to it and a hand made wide arch kit well i dont know how it will go but im giving it a go. any way very nice car , love it

  7. car is excellent,im after a company that will fit lambo doors to my old school beetle wizard roadster !! anybody out there if poss ??????

  8. awesome looking clio! good job! where did you get that bonnet?? i cant find one like it anywhere, it makes the lights look awesome.. please let me know asap!

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