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Renault clio bodykit

Photograph of a show class renault clio with full bodyit. The photo shows the paint, which is a black and lime contrast effect. The deep skirts and rear bumper are nicely matched. The smoked rear lights blend with the black accent paint over the top of the car. Nice deep alloys with a black/chrome finish set off this look nicely.

7 thoughts on “Renault clio bodykit

  1. best car on the website in my opinion and the colours are really effective.half way through my 106 project which is also going gratfull if you would let me no what green you got.

  2. I’ve just got my new project and planned to get a full respray and im loving the green of the above Clio. Likewise with Chris could some1 let me know wat type of green it is??

  3. hey, jsut wondern how do u g=fit the performance air filters in the clio expression? cause i can’t get the maine air box of, but how do u get it of?

  4. i was just wondering where you got your black taillights from i have been looking everywhere for them cheers.

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