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Lambo clio boot ICE install.

Why stick to the manufacturers standard boot trim of grey and black. Planing your ICE install carefully is the key and this owner has performed miracles on a drab Clio interior.

This lambo clio has been retrimmed in a blue material providing a stylish contrast against the orange bodywork. The photo shows 2 large speakers and a pair of amps. The clio has been fitted with a V6 wide bodykit and lambo doors. (The Tigger is apparantly part of the alarm stystem and will bite any intruders :lol:)

2 thoughts on “Lambo clio boot ICE install.

  1. this clio is one of the nicest i have seen. looks neat and tidy and the kit with the doors works a charm.
    i have a clio myself and am after the same rear lights, are they ‘Smoked Lexus Rear Tail Lights’ and where did you get them from?
    cheerz fella

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