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Gembella Porsche or the Shelby SSC Aero

The question is a simple one, which of these 2 cars would you choose. The answer is a little harder especially when we start looking at the practicalities of each. If we approached this from a money is no object situation then we would probably all choose the SSC Aero. However money is usually an object plus you will have to live with the car on a daily basis. When you take into account the need for comfort and reliability and practicality then the Porsche fits the bill. On paper the SSC Aero is the better car but it is hampered from our consideration by its running costs and extreme sports/track day setup.

You have to agree though that the decision between them is a lot harder if you were just choosing on the basis of appearance alone. The Gemballa Porsche has nice curves wheras the SSC Aero exudes muscle and speed. Perhaps this should be a set of his and hers cars. Both look stunning with their matt black finish.

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